Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Life with the Akha????

Paul and Lori Vernon speak about their life with the Akha, what they don't tell you is that missionaries like them have increased the mortality of the Akha people by taking money from donors while destroying the culture of the Akha, like the Akha in the village where they live, no less than captive prisoners. While Paul and Lori have their bank account and passports, the Akha in the village don't own one acre of land. The church owns it. Fun.

But Lori Crouch, her father in Salem, Oregon knows something about land ownership, he's a land developer, you don't build houses on land you don't own, do you now?

These people pay their way into an Akha village, then expect the Akha to become the same white trash they are.

They are colonials, neo-colonials, totally silent about human rights on their website. Check it out, look for the human rights? And the Akha attire they have splashed on their website vernonjournal.com is from a culture they are busy and dedicated to destroy.

The black neighborhood anywhere in America would know what to do with these cunts.

While they talk about patching a skinned knee, the Thais are busy taking the land inheritance of the Akha people, making village after village slaves to a bastardized form of global capitalism. Add all the other missions doing the same thing and you have hell on earth for those picking cotton and the good life for those cashing in at the bank.

New Life Center, River of Life Mission, Children of the Golden Triangle Mission, Camillion Social Center, Vern's Eden House Children's home, Akha Outreach Ministries. Scores of missions of every ilk targetting the Akha because the Akha are not powerful enough to fight off the missions and the Thai government.

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