Sunday, December 27, 2009

What a Freak Job

So these wanna bee missionaries from Salem and Denver, roust out to Thailand and join the celebrated effort to wipe out traditional culture of the Akha people off the face of the earth and make everyone a white pinko european for Jesus. What freaks. The move into an Akha village where Ajay has bought land with donor money, lured the Akha there, then won't give them the land to let them own it themselves, so they are basically slaves on the land, then shortly after they move there Ajay and Paul and Lori Vernon join in to force them to abandon their culture, burn traditional items like their family geneology etc.

Lori and Paul are no less than committing ethnocide against the Akha as part of the fascist missionary mafia of northern Thailand.

So they dress up in traditional Akha outfits, the very Akha outfits made by the culture they happily destroy.

Who will bang on Lori and Paul's door for us and invite them to get their racist little ways the hec out of Thailand?

Salem Alliance church in Salem Oregon supports their habit as do the foursquare church people of Faith Chapel of Arvada, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, Colorado.

Why can't white missionaries get off this shit?

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